Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Each year, more than 20,000 men and women within the United States are diagnosed with liver cancer, according to estimates provided by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Cancerous cell growth that begins inside of the liver is known as primary liver cancer. Although the early warning signs and symptoms of liver cancer can be difficult to discover, they can be talked about with a oncologist if they are discovered.

No Early Symptoms

During the early stage of liver cancer, several patients do not encounter any noticeable symptoms. Selected risk factors, such as obesity, hepatitis B or C infection, or extreme alcohol use, can increase a patient’s likelihood of developing liver cancer, reports the NCI. Patients who have questions or issues with regards to liver cancer ought to contact a medical doctor for more guidance, analysis and treatment.

Pain or Swelling of the Abdomen

The liver is responsible for making particular enzymes involved in digestion, such as bile and is an organ located within the upper right portion of the abdomen.  Cancer cells can aggrivate and inflame the liver, which can cause this organ to swell. The American Cancer Society explains that as a result, sufferers with liver cancer can encounter moderate belly pain or swelling inside the stomach as a warning sign of this sickness. These early warning signs and symptoms of liver cancer may become steadily worse as this illness progresses. sufferers who experience fixed belly pain ought to seek out medical treatment from a physician as this symptom can be a signal of alternate health complications.

Belly Discomfort

Individuals with liver cancer can experience stomach upset as an early warning indicator of the illness. Affected patients may perhaps become unusually nauseous and can begin throwing up. These stomach upset signs and symptoms can lead to a reduced appetite in particular patients, which can lead to unintended weight loss .


Cancerous cells inside of the liver can interfere with this organ’s usual operation. As a result, bile might begin to accumulate within a patient’s body. If this occurs, patients with liver cancer can produce an uncommon yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, reports PDRHealth. This skin discoloration is an early sign of liver cancer known to as jaundice. Affected sufferers ought to look for medical treatment quickly as jaundice can lead to severe medical problems if left untreated .

Flu-like Signs

Flu-like signs can come up as early symptoms of liver cancer in particular patients. Affected individuals can produce fever, muscle weakness, extreme fatigue or reduced appetite, explain medical professionals with the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. Fever symptoms can also lead to headaches, chills or sweating in affected patients. Flu-like symptoms can be signs of alternate infections and affected patients really should consult a doctor for more care.

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